right now.

it poured today. and I mean poooooured rain. I will say I am thankful for it, but I am just not a rain person. wet socks. wet jeans. wet backpack. no bueno. The upside is coffee tastes better in the rain. probably because you're more thankful for it in that moment. In other news...I have a pen pal in Australia named Lauren. We met last semester in class had so much in common that we decided that while she is in Australia this semester and Oxford the next, we'd write letters! Yesterday I received my first letter from her and I was the best thing EVER!! hahaa. I LOVE LOVE snail mail. there's something so sentimental about it you know. Well...tomorrow i'm having a bake-off with my residents...then home this weekend for a haircut and some well needed family time! Life is busy. Life is good :) 

p.s this picture, taken by natijane, was from our event last night. We had a talent show on A-court lawn..the theme was "YOU-nique"..be yourself! haha. So we had a little art experiment where we had cups of paint that people could throw at a huge board...and this was the result. so fun. 

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