Bible class: assignment #1

Class: Life and Teachings of Jesus
Professor: Hauge
first assignment: book analysis Resident Alien
my thoughts: I'm nervous. Hauge is intimidating. foREAL. Dude knows a lot about the Bible, about education, teaching, how college students operate, etc...and I don't even know where to start with this analysis! This book is full of a lot of stuff. Our goal is to nail down the thesis, briefly explain the points of each of the 7 chapters, and conclude with how it ties into our lectures. easy right? wrong. let's just say i'll be spending the majority of today with my nose in this book. 
but for now i'll share this paragraph from the end of chapter 2. 

(also, let me mention that the book is called Resident Aliens because the authors argue that we are here for such a temporary time, and that the church and it's people aught to be ones who know our home is heavenly, therefore making us resident aliens.) 

"We would like a church that again asserts that God, not nations, rules the world, 
that the boundaries of God's kingdom transcend those of Caesar, 
and that the main political task of the church is the 
formation of people who see clearly the cost of discipleship and are willing to pay the price

-Hauerwas + Willimon. Resident Aliens

(photo: streets of amsterdam. 2011)


  1. Wow, sounds tough all around. But I know that FaithAmie, by the grace of God, will do well.

  2. Sounds very challenging!