Bible. Boots. Baking

1. Bible
We had our first Life and Teachings of Jesus Exam in Hauge's class today. Lets just say...I haven't studied that hard since I had to learn Osmosis in Biology freshman year. We studied this stuff NON STOP. Had to memorize two maps (easily 50 cities all with names like Lydda, Sartinias, Sepphoria, Hippos...you get the point), chapter, verses, and people out of the book of Mark, not to mention the basic outline of the history of Israel, 4 Apocryphal gospels and the history of the Septuigant. rough. BUT...the Lord is good through and through...and the test was a BREEZE. I know, crazy. not sure if it's because I studies my brains out, or if I just hyped it up wayyyy too much.
either way I am so happy right now!! hahah. 

(This is Anneke and I minutes after Hauge's test. happy as can be!)

2. Boots
gettin kinda chilly out here. bought these boots a few weeks ago for $6 at my favorite thrift store down the street from school. I'm not much of a cold weather fan, but give me some cheap funky boots and a thick scarf and i'm good to go.

3. Baking
Decided that baking is going to be my new thing. I've come to realize that I can't really wrap my mind around this whole "cooking" thing yet...so i'm going to start slow. With baking. It's easier, faster, cleaner and more residents will be happy with desserts.  I'll keep you posted on how this all goes.

Gotta love the Bible, a good pair of boots, and some baked good. Smells like the Holidays are comin!


  1. Cheers to earning good grades for studying the Bible??? Ummm, AWESOME.

    Thanks for the text Chan!

  2. Good for you! See you this weekend?

  3. Ummm..Dr. Krall would not like those boots!

    Glad the test went well!


  4. baking? the amie i know is going to be BAKING??!!! you don't just mean on your little red 3 minute cooker do you? i can't wait to taste your yummy goodies. ps even if it is in the cooker, those sure are yummy!