Got to pick up the boys from school the other day :) 
Kelly and Pamela (dad and mom) had to go to a dr. apt so Chris (red shirt) Brad (not pictured) and I were given clear directions to the boys school. We were told to pick them up at 11:30am SHARP...and to sign them out etc etc. Definitely an adventure but we managed to accomplish our mission. haha..lets just say it was fun playing mom for a day.  
 The Natalies and I (thats right, theyre both Natalie) went to the Jayme Dee concert Thursday night. I have SO MUCH FUN with these girls. Mostly because we all love the bright lips, funky clothes, pintrest, our research professor (haha)...and we talk about everything and anything. We had dreams of going to Millions of Milkshakes after the concert, but parking was a nightmare so we just went to Jack in the Box. Milkshakes, 
we're comin back for ya. 
took this bad boy on the way to a Chili cook-off that all the RA's were having at one of the administrator's houses. For some reason Azusa has the best sunsets. Must be that smog. 
does anyone else think its weird how much we all look alike here? 
Saturday morning I woke up supaaa early to get home in time for a little family breakfast in honor of D's big 26. So good to be home, even if it was for a few short hours. PLUS...we feasted on breakfast potatoes, eggs, sausage, rice, biscuits..BOMB. 

 This weekend was Homecoming here at school. Basically there was a bunch of events going on and a lot of parent came out to visit. Anneke's parents came out from Chicago to visit her and I got to meet them as well as Nati's family from San Diego! I loved hanging out with their parents and seeing a little piece of where they come from and who has made them who they are. I have the best friends.
Ahh...and I continue to get the chance to hang out with quality people such as these two. (Brady and Scott) I'm not gunna lie, I got pretty lucky with my residents. They're all really cool people who I would want to be friends with if I met them outside of RA life. 

and to end with a quote from The Hole in our Gospel..the book i'm currently reading...
"Live as if Christ died yesterday, rose this morning and is coming back tomorrow"
-Martin Luther

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