remember when...we were in high school??

Today I received a text from my good friend Kacy saying "happy halloween! have a spooky day" hahhahah. Lets just say it made me miss all those girls I grew up with. The ones I ate lunch with, planned homecoming dances with, dressed up for prom with, played basketball all year with, and just grew up with! They were a huge part of my life and I miss them all dearly. 

So, in honor of them I decided to bring back some of those memories in the form of weird/awkward/we thought we were so cool/ high school pictures. starting from the beginning...

Freshman year? When we thought "ZOO YORK" was a cool brand. 
one of the first Christmas parties we had as friends. (freshman year)
those days when EVERYTHING revolved around basketball. haha..sighhhh. 
Junior year, I was class president and made those t-shirts. hahah good times. 
 before Tom's became a hit. we were ahead of the game. (Senior year)
 the girls. Taryn, Yoko, Kacy, Anuhea, Asami. Missing Ashleigh and Silvia. 
 Grad Night Senior year. 
 My partner in crime..Muha!
 I will forever love this pictures of us! Graduation...praise the Lord!

 I believe Taryn and Syd were making fun of me for reading this FAT book. Typical. (senior year)

 some of the best times were in student council. Theres Jordan, Yoko, Muha, Erica, Bj and Dq.
 my hapas.
 Senior year..APN. Muha was ASB president and I was vice. We loved us some Obama cookies.
 Towards the end of senior year...the day we go to skip class and go to seaside lagoon! LOVED it

Eating lunch on the hill. 
 homecoming top 10. Kevin was my partner and I think this photo captures it perfectly. 
Prom. need I say more?
Ladies: thanks for growing up with me. For eating lunch every day with me, for making me laugh constantly, for accepting me and for encouraging me. Although we might not see each other as often as we had hoped, you mean a lot to me and I pray daily that you will each find the path God has for you. I  am so thankful for our friendship and the things you taught me in higschool and I cannot wait to see where we all end up. My hope is that one day, the Lord will become real to each of you and that your lives will be forever changed.
 I'm praying for all of you and I love you!


  1. Awww...that brought a tear to my eye!

  2. Now this was a GREAT post, and you closed it out perfectly.

  3. *tear*

    You make me so proud!! You are, without a doubt, a real friend. Those girls are SO lucky to call you one of their best.

    I am so blessed and honored to call you my high school prodigy. ;)

    As gpa said..."closed it out perfectly."