choppy chop!

As Liz, the lady who cut my hair, was asking me "so..what do you want today?" I immediately decided that bangs would be too much for me to handle. They'll have to wait for another time, when i'm willing to have hair in my face and not care. As for now, i'm back to some short huuurrrr. which I love. I've never been too attached to my hair (praise God) and have never had a hard time cutting it at any point. My theory is, it always grows back. So why not!? Im pumped about the amount of shampoo I will be saving...woooo!

Also, last night I got to chat with some of my FAVORITE PEOPLE EVER. That's Aileenieeee, Liana and I, little J bird, lolobells, and michaela! Wow. it was so good to just hear their voices and see their faces. It's crazy how close you can get with people in just one summer (we all worked at camp together) But i love em and praise God for google plus..right?!?

Blessed with the people God continues to surround me with :)
and to end with lyrics that have been stuck in my head ALLLL week....
"I've got love, joy, peace, righteousness in the holy spirit...yaaa ya ya y...
He's been so good so so good to me. so good so so good to me!"

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