So today I found out I will officially be an RA in University Park next year :)
man ohhhh man...i'll have a bunch of sophomores to love on and let's just say i'm pretty:

I know God has placed me in this specific leadership position for a reason, and Its' going to be one cuhhrazyyyy/exhausting/fun/prayerful/growing journey :) The next week basically consists of figuring out who is all living with who next year, since most of my friends were chosen as RA's too! What can I say..quality people! I know God has it all layed out, and its just up to me to trust in his plan and know that is WAYYYY better than mine. 

and heres to hoping my room looks like this next year..hah jk



  1. The room...please tell me I raised you better than that! Find someone neat to room with.

    Here's to another fun year at APU!

  2. mom that room is very comfy looking, no? its very "lived in" hahah just kidding.

  3. Although you'll find our house a mess, come in, sit down, converse. It doesn't always look like this, some days it's even worse!

    A quote passed down from my mother.

  4. I remember we have that on a plaque in our house dont we?
    that will me by apt theme. hahha.