Adventures with Momo
What a fun little bunny. 
Oh but before we had our Momo adventures, we ate at the yummmyyy Native foods in Culver City.
ohhh my goodness I had THE BEST salad ever. Everything there is vegetarian and so deliciously healthy. I love it. AHHH!! (just ignore the chili cheese fries, those were just a spurge hah) 
and then to top off our healthy meal, we ate sprinkles :) hah typical, right.
Love you camsta and muhaaa!


  1. ohh you with wavy hair, i like. and um, that salad looks deeeelish. take me there please

  2. yup, next time i'm home we'll head over there. its seriously SO good I wanna go back asap. we should take dad too! he'd love all that healthy food