the first few.

Time here in Gulu runs slow and the days seem to stretch themselves out. Something i'm learning to really really love. The women we work with are all incredible. They're so welcoming, funny, full of life, and very talented at what they do. Funny thing is, "Amie" spoken by an acholi person sound a lot like "Emmy" which is a male name in their culture, short for 'Emmanuel." So I told them they can all call me Faith - which they love. 

A lady cooks food at work and you can buy a standard ugandan lunch - beans, rice, and cabbage - for a decent 500 Ugandan Shillings (20 cents). Its actually really good and a few of the ladies call eating all your food "clearing the mountains." Also, the children here are some of the most entertaining, beautiful, adventurous souls I have ever met. They are slowly stealing pieces of my heart, especially when they roll around in the dirt and then reach their tiny arms up to you to be carried around. 

There are huge mango trees at work, providing the best kind of shade on a hot Gulu day 
 This is Adam. He is awesome and literally just crawls around all over the place.
 The women told me he started walking when he was like 7/8 months old. 
 Standard Ugandan lunch. "time to clear the mountains!"
And this little guy is Silas. We became friends today. look at that face!

Also today I was able to sit down and hash out a rough schedule of my photography goals while here in Gulu. I hope to do some spotlight stories on some of the women we work with as well as a few video projects along the way. I am excited to be challenged by this position and the creative freedom it has allowed me to explore. For now i'm relaxing, getting to know the women, planning ahead, and getting used to living with no running water (its supposed to be back on tomorrow).

Life here in Gulu is simple. Its slow. and I love it already. 


  1. The kids are sooo cute! :)

  2. Sounds amazing Amie! So excited for you and praying for you : )

  3. Exciting! Happy to see how you are doing over there! I will be keeping up with your posts.

    You are an inspiration! <3 <3 <3

  4. eeeeeee! overwhelmed with excitement!!! can't wait to watch your adventure through your posts!