One huge thing I learned about myself in college is that my love language is 100% quality time. No doubt about it. I love just being with people. Which is awesome, until you realize you're leaving the country for 3 months and will be very, very far away- ha! But the blessing is that the time i've been able to spend with a few of my closest friends this past week has been that much sweeter.

Saying "bye" will probably always be a weird thing for me to process, but thats ok. I've realized it's okay to be gone for a while, because the friends you truly hold near and dear in your heart will be right there to greet you once you're back.

Here's to the last week with the raddest group of people I get to call my friends!

handles with lex. a hometown tradition that should never stop. This chick has been such a blessing and is back in SPU now to finish off her junior year!
a brief but rad sleepover with nj. Thankful to be roommates again with this chick, even if it was for a night. Next time we're back in the same place she'll be weeks away from getting married!!
OH VENTURA WITH THESE TWO. My first friends in college, two chicks who really grew to be such incredible blessings in my life. Abs and Cat (morgs too!) I love you so much. And literally next time we see eachother Abbie will be walking down the aisle and Cat will be 7mo pregnant!!!
 SB with my two homies Sarah and Kimi. I am so encouraged by these two & their never ceasing spirit of adventure. Sarah is currently in Florence for the next 6-8 months and Kimi is on her way back to finish of senior year at APU. These two wild kids are the best people to be around. I love these crazies!
Maggie! WHAT A BLESSING. Truly. When I applied to work at lululemon I figured i'd be a good job where I could save money and maybe meet some people - little did I know i'd meet this incredible woman of God who is so real, so honest, so wise and just an overall huge blessing. What a cool friendship & I am so stoked to see what the Lord has for us once i'm back!!
 && the best way to end my week of goodbye's was to be with this crew. Meg, Brad, James, Colt, Chris, Liana, and Kate! What a radical group of humans. seriously. How blessed are we??? It's insane. We spent the day at Brad and Kate's place, walked to get lunch, looked at their wedding photos, and dreamed up the day we'd all move to the same city together. What a true dream team. and THEIR PUPPY....
CALLI GIRL. So cute!
and the final send off to one of the best guys I know - Colt! God's timing rocks and Colt was back in LA for a quick layover and was able to spend the day with all of us. We ate a lot, listened to his stories of Haiti and the people there, spoke some french, and dropped him back off at the airport. The crazy thing is, we might not see him for a whole year! But the Lord is good and we're praying he makes it back for Nati's wedding in May. 

So...here's one last "BYE! SEE YOU SOON" to all these incredible people.
I thank the Lord for each and every one of you and the ways your faith and wisdom have inspired me. 

**also shout out to Kacy & Steph, two friends I was able to say bye to but didnt get a photo with. Thanks for sharing a meal with me and sending me off with your support and prayers! love you both

"May we have power together with all the saints to grasp how WIDE and LONG and HIGH and DEEP is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge- that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God" Ephesians 3.18

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