So, my roommates have this saying.."T.I.A" which stands for "This is Africa" 

It is most commonly used when ridiculous things happen like... your boda (motorcycle) driver's front tire blows out and you're cruzing down a red dirt road trying to avoid oncoming traffic and the only logical response in that moment is - "this is Africa!" Or when the power goes out and everything in the fridge starts to smell a little funky so you have to be creative and quickly cook the remains of your food using your head lamp for light, "this is Africa!" Or when you decide that on Sunday you're going to squeeze 8 grown adults into a small van, drive 2hour to Aruu falls, jump in the slimy water, pray you dont get any bugs, and then drive back home to take a refreshing cold shower- there is really only one thing to say- "this is Africa!"

Aruu falls was truly magnificent. I've never seen waterfalls quite like these. There were so many of them, all built up by hundreds of huge rocks making them pretty sweet to climb. We spent the day exploring the falls, eating our pb&j sandwiches, and just basking in God's massive and insanely beautiful creation. 

This. Is. Africa. 

*also, pictured are all my roommates + our friend Hunter who works with Restore Leadership Academy here in Gulu. They are all such great humans - but more on them later! 

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