gone going, gone

A few quick shots from the last 3 days training at KKi headquarters. 

I was blessed to meet all the rad people behind this company and hear their stories first hand. It's amazing how much thought, love, years of hard work, passion, determination and selflessness have gone into making this company what it is today & I believe this is only the beginning! 

alright, back to packing. flight leaves in...11hrs. 

yes, that is a pickleball court in the middle of their hq. 
ooo also the house the interns are living at is LITERALLY 1 block from the ocean. I crashed there a few nights and was like a little kid at a candy shop waking up each morning and skating 30 seconds to this beautiful view. We're super spoiled here in socal to have an ocean this rad & it will be something I miss over in Gulu. But, I was thankful for one last glossy ocean sunrise. 

also a couple things i'm feeling/thinking right now...
How am I going to carry all of these bags. Havent showered since tuesday (tmi?). How does one move to another country. This is crazy. Dont forget your passport. Dont forget your malaria pills. What am I doing. Lord please get me to Gulu safely. DANGIT why didnt I rsvp earlier to get a window seat. I hope I sit next to nice people. Just think solo time on walkabout. you can do it. Lord have mercy. I pray I can find Ben at the airport. Did I bring too many shirts. Is this really happening? Yes. yes it is. It's game time. real life. God is good. lets go. 

meet you on the flip side!!! 


  1. From Lulu to Gulu! Chanie in Ugandie! Love you & praying. Can't wait to bring LJ to the airport to pick you up in april!

  2. haha "i haven't showered since tuesday (tmi?)" love you ames and praying that you have an awesome and blessed trip!

  3. eeeeeeee! cant wait to hear alllllllll about it. it's going to be sooo good. so. sooo good. love you, chan!