This past weekend was quite the whirlwind. There seemed to be a lot on the calendar already, and then we heard the news that baby Lenya was coming soon...so I took a deep breath..and knew it would be a crazy one! The Lord has His ways of orchestrating everything perfectly, as always, and i'd like to share with you all a bit of the madness :)

It started off with a very celebratory Saturday - Natty sue's graduation! Natty was one of my roommates senior year of college, and due to her crazy/busy nursing schedule, she had one more semester than the rest of us. Nat is seriously one of the hardest working people I know. She earned this degree and is going to bless so many people with her loving heart, service, and nursing education. And to top it off, her boyfriend ralph graduated along side of her with a degree in nursing as well! So happy for these two friends of mine! And...all day I was checking my phone waiting for moms text telling me the update on Lenya... 
&& sure enough at 3am this little lady showed up! I made it to the hospital at around 8pm after the graduation festivities and was able to be there the whole night with Stac and Ant. It was really special being a part of the whole process and seeing the miracle that is birth! Seriously. so wild. I was able to squeeze in a few hours of sleep after Lenya was born and those quite morning hours seeing her tiny face will be something I never forget. 
After spending the morning in the hospital, I met back up with Anneke and Margaret, my two friends who were staying the weekend at my house (they were both in town for graduation). It was so fun telling them Lenya's birth story and sharing in that experience with them :) We decided to do a "food tour" of Torrance since there are so many good places to eat around here...and we even had time to stop by Daiso so they could experience the most amazing dollar store around. 
It was such a blessing having Anneke and Margaret stay over...and to have Abbie visit us for an afternoon. The Lord truly truly blessed me with some incredible friends. These chicks make everything fun, theyre so laid back, easy going, we always have such good conversation, and I love their presence in my life. So thankful they got to spend the weekend here! 
And to top it off, Kimi stopped by for a second and we had breakfast at the one and only Uncle Bills in Manhattan. It's kind of crazy that a week before Christmas we were laying in the sand in our shorts and flip flops..ohhh southern california! 

anyway, this weekend was madness. but the best kind. My heart is so full and the quality time I was able to spend with those I love was worth every minute of craziness and every hour of lost sleep!! 

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