sewing with grandma.

I feel very fortunate to have grandparents who live so close by, and who are so involved with my daily life. My grandma is a very talented sewer, knitter, baker - etc & I try to glean as much wisdom from her as possible because this lady knows what she is doing. The other day when I was over their house, it happened to be quite cold outside, so they were both wearing this neck warmers that grandma had made. So I asked if I could come over and learn how to make them. Sure enough, grandma said she had all the supplies and enough barley to stuff the neck warmers so all I had to do was come over and learn! I decided to bring my camera because there is something so special about spending time with your grandparents and I wanted to make sure I captured some of it :) 

 Forget computers, grandma is oldschool and writes everything down on note cards. 
 Grandma is also a perfectionist (which I am not) and I realize that taking the time to measure everything properly is half the battle to becoming a great crafter. something i'm still learning. 
 The whole time grandma and I were sewing, grandpa was scooting around doing the dishes and keeping himself busy. I love how hard working he is. 
 barley goes into the neck warmers and makes for the coziest heat pad!
 the finishing touches...
Grandpa modeling the nearly finished piece of work. (still need to cut the strings off) and even though this sewing project was really easy...I loved learning from grandma and spending time at G&G's house. They're always so hospitable "amie you want a snack? you want something to drink" and I am so thankful for both of them and all the love they shower over us! 

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  1. ok ok you should ask your grandma to teach you how to sew fanny packs, and then teach me!