I go a goPRO

so...my parents are rad and got me a goPRO which I am most definitely taking with me on my trip. Thankfully I have a month to practice and figure out how to use the "world's most versatile camera" because so far I have taken about 100 accidental selfies of myself LOL. Still figuring it out but here are a few snapshots from this past weekend. Its only going to get better from here!  

Saturday 10pm- Colton had a 6hr layover in San Diego so we all drove down to hang out with him! Colt is currently serving at a camp in Haiti and was on his Christmas break flying back to Hawaii so this layover was the only time most of us will see him...you bet we stayed up all night and hung out before dropping him back off at the airport at 5am! worth it! 

Dad is the best and let D and I go to the game this Sunday night. As you all know, it was Kobe's return and the Staple Center was booming with excitement as we all anticipated him stepping back on the court. I got all emotional when they announced him hahaha ...such a epic moment and I was so glad to be there to see it. Also, this 9yr old kid sat in front of me and kept turning around and talking to me so we became friends and would high-five eachother whenever someone made a 3 pointer! HAHA! So fun.

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