This year, thanksgiving ran up right next to my bday, making it for a very full and fun weekend. I think the best part about being born in December is that you get to celebrate during everyones favorite time of year...when everyone just ate a bunch of thanksgiving food and is now whipping out the Christmas lights and buying their Christmas trees. I've always loved that about being born on 12.1...it's kicking off the holiday season in the best way! 

Here are a few scenes from this past weekend.

 Bailey is such a ham. She just snoozez all around the house and looks at you with those puppy eyes wanting to be cuddled with all day. Shes hilarious. 
 Those clouds! WHHAAAZZZZ. Isn't it wild that we get this every night? These sunsets are gnarly and my goal of December is to see as many of them as possible.
 Funny how things work out...I currently dont have blinds in my room because mom's ordering me new ones so in the meantime I thought it was weird that people could technically see into my room lol...but thennnn Dad put up the Christmas lights and this is what I get to go to be to every night! DREAM. Its the best. It literally is a dream and I think everyone should fall asleep to Christmas lights outside their window.
 MY PARENTS KNOW ME TOO WELL. and spoiled me with the ultimate adventure-capturing-tiny-machine...A GOPRO. and the most recent version the HERO3+. I cant wait to get started with this guy. I'm already anticipating the shots i'm going to get on my trip this January. PUMPED! Thanks mom and dad I love youuuu!
The Numata's brought me MINI DONUTS! oh sheesh! This made my day. Despite the tea cakes mom made which are my ultimate favorite...these donuts are dangerously good. 

Ended the birthday dinner with Aloha Pizza! Brit's family did such a good job with this place and its awesome supporting your local pizza place when you know the people making it happen! The pizza was so so good and I know i'll be going back there soon. 
And to end with a little snapshot into my life at lulu...These are my two closest friends at work! Sarah and Maggie...and I randomly just connected with these two girls and have really enjoyed getting to know them. It's crazy how unexpected their friendships were and how God sometimes bring the most random people into your life to befriend you! I realize its important to keep my eyes open for relationships that God wants me to have post-grad...short or long, deep or super friendly and chill...God has people out there that he wants us to meet and I pray He uses me to love these two chicks at work! 


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