the Zimmer wedding

Yesterday two of my favorite people got married! 

During my junior year of college I met Katelyn and Bradley at the same time...when we were all put on the same staff together as RA's. We worked together all year, planned events, lived life with one another, and slowly started to notice a sweet friendship forming between Kate and Brad. Fast forward to the end of junior year and somehow crazy Bradley had won over sweet Katelyn's heart and their love story began. Then, senior year, I was blessed enough to call kate my roommate and even got to help plan Bradley's proposal to her :) Needless to say, these two are so near and dear to my heart and their wedding was the most amazing celebration of love EVER! 

here are a few snapshots from my phone...
roommates turned bridesmaids! 
their venue was amazing. That massive tree, perfect weather, and hills of rolling grape vines in the back
the happy couple!!
seriously...how STUNNING is katelyn??? This girl's wedding photos need to be published
somewhere because she looked amazing!
so, another amazing part of celebrating the Zimmer wedding was being reunited with A LOT of people.
APU was such a special place to grow and meet some of my best friends, and my heart was so full
this weekend as I got to just sit and laugh with these people I love so dearly! We all congregated in Slo
this morning and sat around this big coffee table laughing about the wedding and how fun it was seeing
everyone. I absolutely cherish these friendships and love all of them so much!
 megan, todd, and nati...we were all on the same staff with katelyn and Brad and have all become
best friends. This moment was extra sweet because in January Todd will be going to North Carolina
for the next 3 years to be in his physical therapy program...so chances are this is the last time we'll all be
together for a while. We made sure to make it a sweet lasting memory :)
 ....aaaaand here's almost all of the gang that met up in slo. yup...even that back table is us. We kind
of invaded the place haha...and I feel so thankful for have shared this weekend celebrating Kate and Brad with the best crew!! 


  1. your burn isnt too bad! your pictures are wonderful, even off your iphone. so jelly.

  2. Love seeing these pics. Wanna see more. Your burn!!! LOL

  3. What a lovely bride, groom, and setting for the wedding! Joyful pics!