a party for baby lenya

this past saturday was the first big celebration for baby lenya. (by first I mean this was the
friends baby shower and were having a family one in a few weeks!) It was such a nice
day at the park and we seriously had so much food, desserts, soda, picnic blankets, and a whole
bunch of kids running around hahha. 

pregnant lady has arrived!
 sign made by the very talented Andy!
 these two know how to throw a party

Andy envisioned this rad backdrop and her husband Danny hand crafted it! He made sure to bolt it into the ground too so it wouldnt fall on anyone. so cool!
two preggy sissys! 
girlfriends and their babies!
all the preggy ladies!
 personalized cookies made @ Torrance bakery!

such a fun day celebrating! 3 more months till baby lenny is here!! woo!


  1. Love seeing all the love and creativity that was put into this shower!