daily routine

now that i'm home, I spend most of my day with this little stud. 
he's 2.5 and crazy/hilarious/smart/crazy 

currently, his favorite game is hide&seek where he hides in the same spot behind the
curtains in my closet and yells "DONT FIND ME DONT FIND ME" lol
when I give him a bocha bocha (bath) I always wrap him in the towel after
and call him "burrito baby" he loves it. and then he likes to run around nakey nakey
all over my room while we chase him around. Also, notice the shadowey-looking thing on my
left cheek...yup thats a burn mark from my curling iron. not the most graceful thing i've every done
considering i'm in a wedding this saturday! haha 
also hunty loves loves snacks. he's always running around saying, "WHATCHA EATING?"
or "CAN I HAVE SOME?" this was at ikea last night. 

anyway...tomorrow i'm heading up north for Katelyn and Brad's wedding weekend WOOHOO!
i'm so excited to be reunited with a lot of APU people...i'm be posting photos once im back! 


  1. Amieee! are you home noww? let's hang out soon :D

  2. With all this time spent together, there must be bonding going on! Does he allow you to say "I love you" now?