Being a bridesmaid is truly an honor. Weddings are magical, and to be able to stand there next to
someone you love so dearly and watch them experience the best day of their life - thats extra magical. 

Katelyn + Bradley's wedding day was truly something special. The day was clearly covered in prayer,
in love, in joy, and in celebration. We woke up rested, relaxed, and ready to go. 
We had breakfast downstairs, sipped on coffee, twirled in our dresses and watched as
 Katelyn transformed from miss laidback, iced coffee, shorts and a t-shirt kinda girl into a stunning, stunning bride. 

still editing through the rest of these :) love you kate! 

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  1. Amie, I have seriously been checking your blog 3-4 times a day for pictures haha
    I am so happy to see just a glimpse of what you captured! Can't wait to see the rest :)