asami was in town with her bf (from sf) and wanted to take him on a good ol LA hike. We went to this trail out new the Palisades and had a really nice hike. It was hot hot but the view was worth it! And after we finished the hike we got smoothies so we were all happy campers haha.

D played in the VFW tourney this weekend and I was able to go watch his game on sat at this rad gym with like 10+ courts all with games going on. It made me miss playing bball, but then I remembered that i'm playing a co-ed tourney in november...and i also remembered how not in shape I am...oh great

 we got to go to the Boeing open house on sunday with Jen's parents. It was really cool, we even got to walk through a boeing c-17 cargo plane which was gnarly and straight out of some action movie! Hunty loved running around and looking up at the huge planes.
 ...and of course what would a sunday be without DIM SUM! We headed to this place in montebello 'ocean star' and you could tell it was good because there were at least 40 people waiting outside. Although this food looks crazy, I was actually able to eat a lot of it. the charsiu bao were the best!
last night I had perspectives class and everyone pick a week to bring snacks...I thought i'd show 
this photo because as my mom said, "this is a meal not a snack!" typical asian american church though lol!

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