The goal of our roadtrip was to drive Anna's car (named Phoebe) back to her 
hometown, Moses Lake WA. lets get this party started...
 Since Anna was driving her car home from school, she had to fill it with all her
belongings...making for a cozy back seat
 First stop - San Mateo to visit Marg! 
 tired legs. hours in a car. stretchhhhhh
 Loved seeing margaret aka 9th nest roommate!
 appropriately stopped by Marg's high school where there is this RAD
tree on the track. hopped a fence or two to get there. worth it
 Pizza my heart! A nor cal fav. 
bay areeaaaaa 
 bye marg see you in August!? 
 drove over the bridge on our way to napa
 ahhh...first night of rest at the Straw house. 
 Mama straw is just the sweetest!
 Typical Napa sighting...
 the french people really know how to make a bakery
 had to stop at a winery 
 loved seeing this roomie in her hometown.
 next stop - Chico! The Han fam welcomed us with a personalized sign!
 Karah's room
 Caleb's room (notice the chipotle bags on the wall) 
 Karah won an award for her crafted sushi! so clever 
 I love my cuzzos! 
 They graciously fed us chinese chicken salad, rice, beans, gyoza, fresh fruit
and plenty of drinks and yummy deserts! So blessed by my fam!! 
love them!

now off to...Portland, Seattle, and Moses lake! 

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  1. How can I NOT comment on this one?!

    I have to tell you how much we enjoyed having you, Anna, and Melissa over. It is so refreshing to be able to meet and converse with young people who have a vision for life outside of themselves. Thanks for making time in your journey to stop and give us some refreshment!

    P/S That tree IS awesome! The shot with the girls in it shows its scale.
    P/S/S Your camera makes our house look better than it really is. Ha, ha.