Being an unemployed post-grad sure has its moments of freedom and fun... but i've found it also really hard to get a job, find a consistent schedule, meet up with busy friends, etc...and i've come to a point where Jesus is really holding all the uncertain pieces together haha. I've been trying to stay positive with regard to the job market and I know the Lord will bless me with work eventually. Definitely learning some patience! But here are a few things that have encouraged me lately...

 sis and I were able to go to the young adult group at calvary friday to hear Ant speak on the 
workings of the Holy Spirit. It was so refreshing to be back in an environment with young, 
passionate, enthusiastic, Jesus-loving 20 year olds. Not to mention I found my new favorite
worship song "sovereign over us" which I have been listening to on REPEAT allllll day. 
 I'm encouraged by my loving parents who have graciously let me move back home (thanks
to the history my older sibling have had). My parent feed me, ask me about my days, they dont
stress me out too much about finding a job, yet they always push me to strive for more. 
Thankful for all the time I get to spend with them. And did I mention all the food?
 Jon Acuff is the man. Creative, funny, wise...I was reading up on his blog last night and 
came across this post it he wrote to himself. couldnt be more ON POINT. Thank you Jon
for encouraging young adults like myself who sometimes want to strive for things that dont
make sense to the rest of the world! And more Jon...
Thats good. thats real good. In the midst of difficulty...we can be reassured that we have a 
God who makes all things beautiful in His time. Or rather a quote from my favorite song that
I mentioned above "what the enemy means for evil, you turn it for our good - for your glory!"

encouraged to avoid living a boring story. Nobody want that. 
I'm learning to embrace the simplicity of post grad life. 
and I'm learning patience and diligence and dependence all along the way. 

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