the in between.

 As someone who L O V E S photography, I face one major problem. I want to capture everything.
That flower on the side of the road, that perfect shot of the sunset, ohhhthat delicious looking burger, or your friend posed perfectly by those trees. There is so much in this world that could be captured and its hard not to be overwhelmed by all of it. But, I had this realization the other day - that sometimes its okay not to have my camera locked and loaded. Sometimes its okay to let others take the shot. Sometimes its okay to share a moment with a dear friend and let it be like a secret memory that just the two of us share. I like that simplicity. I like the fact that often times, the moments you didnt plan turn out to be the most beautiful. My life has been busy the past month...trips, weddings, friends, goodbyes, hellos...and I cherish these moments in between huge clicks of my camera, in between photoshoots and lugging around my big SLR...in between college, and friends, and big life changes.
These photos are simple. and they make me happy.

welcome to my in between...

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