LA adventures : Runyon Canyon

 so...growing up right outside LA you always see photos of people (especially celebrities) hiking the famous Runyon Canyon, a short hike right in the middle of LA. A few days ago Emi, Kumi and I decided that it was time to try out the hike for ourselves. Our duty as LA citizens haha. We met up at 9am and were on our way to LA when we stopped and said..."wait, why are we going now when its 80 degrees outside? lets go to see the SUNSET." BEST. DECISION. EVER.

arrived at Runyon at around 530/6pm and hiked up in time to rest and wait for the sun to drop.
heres our adventure...
 we came prepared with sandwiches..which turned out to be pretty hilarious considering most people
use Runyon as a work out hike...aka everyone up at the top was sweating, drinking water, staying 
focused on their intese workout...while we were grubbin in sandwiches. LOL 
Runyon was awesome. In my opinion, its the best view of LA. Even better than Griffith park...
because it is a massive view of everything...and its not blocked by any buildings or rails.
such a good hike! 

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