random favorite iphone memories

I just cleaned off my iphone photos and found some gems
here are a few of my favorite memories from the past few months!

 When Abs and I visited Cat for a weekend in SB!
 lunch with my ladies in Kari's beautiful backyard
 one of my besties Anneke and I on our couch aka "napster" for all the delightful naps I took on it
 Things got pretty weird towards the end of the semester...marg and meg lol!
 I miss the library already! At this point graduation was still not guaranteed..haha 
 classic coffee will always hold a special place in my heart
 Out for katelyns birthday! the ladies + Brad...the best haha! 
 an incredible row of women. 
 camping...classic Kimi and Amie time 
 last few days in the house...roommate sleepover in the 100 degree heat! 
I love everything about this photo. 
 one of the best ideas we have ever had...Santanas Burritos THEN DRIVE IN MOVIE. glorious. 
 Drive in summer nights!
 One of Hunters favorite play spots
 roadtrip friends! and boba! the best combination 
 loved spending time with this girl!
The past few months have been nothing short of adventurous... I love all these sweet memories!

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  1. this post made me pretty nostalgic and a little bit teary. such good photos and moments. miss you ames!