What an amazing weekend with the best crew of people. 

 Our camp site was right behind Pepperdine and it was beautiful 
 Natijane organized the food for the trip and made sure to designate items
for people to bring to keep the costs to a minimum. It was all incredibly efficient!
 the newest trend: tuck your pants into your socks (to avoid dirt) hahaa
 A couple of us decided to take full advantage of the great outdoors and slept
on a tarp...the best part was falling asleep to the stars!
 I had to bring baby tabasco!
 The beauty of Malibu camping is that the beach is RIGHT THERE! 
 Kimi and Sarah came on the trip and I LOVED having them there!
 Becky and Kimi both brought their hammocks and they made for
the best resting spots. 
 Chili dogs!
 The guys were so helpful on the trip. Bringing food and cooking for all of us!
 I love these moments. Away from home, computers, phones, business...
just sitting around the campfire talking and listening to each other. 
 I love photobombing these two!
 The sunsets were SO RAD.
 dinner time : pasta and bread
 my roommates are stunning! Even after three days in the dirt! haha. 
Love each of their hearts, their stories, their gifts and talents so much. These women have
made this one of the best years of my life and I thank the Lord for them!
The whole crew! APU has a way of pulling in some of the best people around...
and I've had the privilege of walking through life with this group. Saying goodbye was hard,
the tears came and the hugs happened...but I am so thankful that the Lord knows when we'll
see each other next! Every good and perfect gift is from above...so thankful for these people!


  1. I loved stalking this.

  2. this is awesommme! can we go camping one day, while we're still young and wild and kind of free? hahaha
    and that pants in socks idea..BRILLIANT. because it's so true..that dirt in socks..not the business.