HOME. graduation party!

 Got to celebrate graduation with my bro - he graduated from CSUDH!
 Auntie Julie preparing the Chocolate fountain 
 wouldnt be a party without the proper amount of food!
 My cousins stayed in town for the party - love them!
 Dad and two of his best friends
 Brynn and the boys
 Ryo Komae everyone 
 loved seeing these people!! 
 one of my oldest and dearest friends! 
 micah chatting it up with grandpa 
so thankful for my mom and dad
 voted prettiest eyes in hs..hahaha 
 the cutest gift from kristen! 

ahhh...recently i've been realizing that getting your college degree is a HUGE deal. All the hours in the library, all the paper written, courses taken, units counted, all the ambition, fears, hopes, all the leadership positions, applications, rejection, denial, all the friends made along the way, all the adventures taken, and road trips journeyed, all the financial support along the way, all the prayers, school paraphernalia, all of this accumulating to one solitary moment walking across that stage and getting my diploma...and now I'm back home recovering from a 4 year thrill ride of growth and maturity and soul seeking God fearing prayer filled life....and I couldnt be more thankful for what a trip it's been. I loved sitting near family and friends and they celebrated with my brother and I...and I thank the Lord for what a blessing this home and these people are to me.


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