VIETNAM ((Vin Pearl && Monkey Island))

more adventures in Nha Trang.
VinPearl...aka the Disneyland of Vietnam. Some extremely wealthy man bought this island
and turned it into a resort//seaworld//disneyland//themepark where you take the worlds
longest cable car ride to get there (12 min). We also rode this insanely sketchy *but fun rollercoaster
ride on the island. I'll have to explain it to you in person because it was too sketch to take photos. haha

 The view of the island from the cable car

Another sight that we saw while in Nha Trang was MONKEY ISLAND.
no joke. an island full of monkeys. We took a boat over to the island, bought some crackers
and walked through all the trees to find the land of monkeys. I was terrrrrrified ahhhhhhh...
 an incredibly beautiful beach
 "ohhh darling thank you"
 pretty sure this one almost jumped on my face. 
 Russ was LOVING it. p.s to the right...thats my little friend Morgann who I met on our tour.
she was the sweetest girl...we became friends!
cheesy obligatory "lay in sand" pose. couldnt help it.

YAYYY! I love looking through all of these!
up next..THAILAND :) :) 


  1. Never ever am I going to Monkey Island...maybe in my nightmares! eeewww...

  2. Is Morgann the only trusted friend who you let hold Joel? LOL. Nice pics.

  3. What great, unique memories you've made with the sibs!