A few days into our trip we were debating if we should take a group tour or not. We walked into the tourist booking place, peered through brochures of all the beautiful places to visit...and stumbled on  the MEKONG DELTA. $300,000 VND... aka 10 bucks. We pulled the trigger and put our deposit down. best. decision. ever. The next morning we met at the same booking place to head off for a 2hr drive to see this unknown place where rivers meet other rivers and boats carry curious wide-eyed visitors across its historical waters. Our tour was small - 15 people, mostly aussies and canadians. Our tour guide was this bubbly older Vietnamese man who told us to call him Hai. We embarked on our journey not knowing that our eyes would be staring into a beautiful forest that could have fallen right off the pages of National Geographic. We ate fresh fruit, rode boats, ate real coconut candy, explored the small islands floating on the Mekong, and met a few friends on the way. Best 10 bucks i've every spent. 

 Sitting in front of the house
 On our way to Mekong! Russ sleeping beautifully, as always. 
 Along the long stretching rode sides in Vietnam, there are a bunch of pit stops. 
Now, these pit stops aren't your typical 7-11...Hai, our tour guide, told us that people set up dozens of hammocks/chairs facing the road for travelers to stop, by a drink, and have a rest. People in Vietnam like to people watch, one of my favorite things about the country. 
 Finally arrived at the delta!
 we made pit stops all around the mekong islands, there's a bunch of them and theyre all full of foliage 
 Our first pit stop was to a honey farm
 This tea was amazing. Fresh honey with a dash of lime. 
 DURIAN. known as the smelliest fruit in the world. there it is people. 
this red fruit looks like a tomato but tastes like an apple. weeeird.
 Like I mentioned before, Vietnam is full of Aussies. 
I think because the flight to Vietnam from Australia is only 8hrs or so. Anyway, we met some cool Aussies on our tour and here we are eating fruit with them!
Here's the part where I felt like I was chillen in a NatGeo magazine. 
It started raining, so they let us borrow hats to block the water. 
one of my favorite shots.
After another few boat rides, we headed off to another island - coconut island. 
 FRESH coconut candy. I dont even like coconut and I LOVE this candy. what!? 
Its because its real. and good. they mix fresh coconut juice with malt and pour it into these slats. Then this guy cuts them into pieces and the ladies fold each and every one. 
 Elephant Fish. yuckkk

Mekong was awesome. Being in the city is great, but theres nothing like a tour of the countryside, the river delta, and the true beauty hidden in all corners of Vietnam. Love it.


  1. Man, that lens was worth the investment! Amaazing pics!

  2. where is sissy? hahaha. love the posts, cant wait to see thailand animals!