Forget Chicago being called the "windy city"...Nha Trang Vietnam takes the cake. 
We flew a few hours north of Ho Chi Minh City to what I like to refer to "the honolulu of Vietnam"
The beaches we're beautiful...and it was so rad to be in the OTHER SIDE of the PACIFIC OCEAN.
The wind was crazy and for a second I thought I was in the middle of an about-to-be tsunami.
lucky our tour guide told us the weather is always super windy this time of year.

*also...on the flight over I saw the most magnificent view of the sky ever.
The clouds were covering the entire sky, they were so full, like you could run and bounce on them.

the Vietnam countryside 
 White sand beach
H for Hunter Minh. 
we headed to see a Pagoda (Russ was complaining the entire time.."ahhww another Pagoda")
but it actually turned out to be a really cool building to photograph. 

up next...Monkey Island and Vin Pearl!


  1. the water loooks amaaaazing!

  2. God, the Creator, is amaaaazing!

  3. looks amazing... and in what hotel you were staying?