my photos are a bit out of order. Its hard to keep track of all of them, so I believe this was after we came back from Thailand (notice Hunter's thai boxing shorts). Despite the lack of chronology, I figured it would be nice to show you all what walking around Ho Chi Minh city is like..aka Saigon. We usually took a cab into the main area of town, walking around snacking on street food and occasionally dipping in to the neared mall for some air conditioning hah. 

 real fruit juice. 
 one of the best meals I had. It was like a beef stew almost, so good. 
 this is a view from the inside of the house we stayed at. notice the scooter parking
 Hunter and Ba
 poor baby was sleepy hah
 loving the mall. Hunter especially found a new love for escalators! He kept wanting to go UP
and DOWN....repeat...repeat. hah
 this lady was straight up making these waffle chips on the street. they were bomb!
 sifting through the hundreds of DVDs that are 50c each. 
 a peek inside Saigon square...and insanely crowded shopping center..HAH
One of the main reasons for our trip was for Hunter to meet his great-grandpa. 
Being a baby and all, he was naturally a bit uneasy around all the new faces he was with...
but it was so cute to see grandpa's face light up when Hunter was around. 


  1. Great-Grandpa's smile is priceless!

  2. hunter looks so gangster in some of the pictures lol!