The Lord has blessed me with some incredible friends. And by incredible...I mean..friends who are hilarious, so easy to talk to, have fun doing pretty much anything, are real, straight shooters, go getters, people who love the Lord passionately, who are thrill seekers, who love to read, talk things out honestly..have rad style...I love these people.

Well, thanks to MLK we had the day off yesterday and decided to spend it in the city. Anneke's bestie from home, Meghan, is visiting from Chicago so we thought id be rad to take the metro into downtown and show her around. The best day with the best people.

(( top row: Marty, Natty Sue, Katelyn, Brad, Anneke. Middle row: Natijane, Micah, Liana, Megan, Emmy. Bottom row: Meghan, me, Lauren))

p.s sorry for the bad quality photo. iphones can only do so much in bad lighting.

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