the Rice wedding.

This weekend:
Headed down south to meet up with some friends before the Rice wedding! Taylor (the bride) was on my staff at school this past year and it was so fun watching her plan her big day...and let me tell you...It turned out to be an FABULOUS wedding!
This wedding is going down in the books.
A beautiful venue. 150 amazing people. a gorgeous bride. a snazzy groom. and a 3hr dance party. 

 The wedding took place at these unreal lavender farms...
 ridiculous view! 
 bradelyn and I. 
 whats a wedding w/o a photobooth.
 the weather was perfection. 
 time to party

Congrats Buck and Taylor Rice! You make an amazing couple!

all photos were shot on my powershot camera. Unfortunately, I didnt bring Joel. I wanted to...the view was incredible and there were so many things to shoot..but I figured I wanted to enjoy the wedding and not worry about carrying a heavy camera around. 
so these will do! 

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