C H I C A G O - D A Y 3 C I T Y S L I C K A A A S

 shenanigans in the City.
the rest of day 3 (after our flea market fiesta and pit stop in wicker park) was spent near North Ave beach..aka..one of the best views of the city you will evaaa see. We entertained ourselves (as you will see) and soaked up ever last minute together! Love these chickas!
a few of my friends from Chicago/Michigan would alllllways talk about how "lake Michigan really looks like the ocean. trust me" and us californians would respond, "yahh yahh suuuuuure. we know our ocean. and there is no way a lake can compare." Then I saw it. YUP. it strange. weird. It's indeed a lake. Yet you feel like you're in the middle of the clam, blue ocean. whoaaaaa.
 beach. so weird. 

T H E E N D.

THANK YOU CHICAGO...until next time :) :) 

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