spring breakyy: preview.

spend the end of my spring break in the BEAUTIFUL Sandiego (Point Loma, Ocean Beach, Mission Beach...etc) 
with the Roots!! Loved every moment of it...more pictures are coming soon. 
I loved just being in the sun, seeing the ocean, chillen and eating amazing food...
and being surrounded by incredible people who LOVE the LORD!!!! so blessed. more to come :)

for now...It's back to reality. back to chapel, classes, papers, research, residents, meetings...AHHHHHH

top pic is of the crew: anneke, liz (natijanes sissy), natty sue, natijane, me, marty (bf) and his roommate Chris...
and this bottom one is of us on Easter Sunday..Anneke, Natijane, me, and Natty sue :) 


  1. Love your Easter footwear...

  2. I missed the footwear, the only thing I noticed was how challenged you were heightwise............