some more dreamin'

As mentioned before...I have weird dreams.

This morning I had coffee with my good friend Abbie and I like to tell her these dreams of mine.
I was telling her about the 3 part dream I had last night that involved things such as: working at a church in South Africa, not being able to take a boat over to Pakistan because I was a Christian, and selling flags with Korean students in China. (I am not kidding you) I woke up this morning and immediately typed out my dream on my phone...and the weird thing was...was that this story was spilling out of my brain without me even thinking about it. It was like someone was saying it for me and I was just typing.

CRAZY. I know. I promise i'm sane people. To make me feel better I decided to read some of Jon Acuff's writings. He's a Christian blogger that runs a well known site called Stuff Christian Like. It's a satire blog and I find it HILARIOUS. He just recently posted the "10 most popular SCL posts in the last 4 years" which is a culmination of his greatest writing that are ridiculously funny. Anyway...you should read them all. especially "saying 'I'll pray for you' and then not" ...."the Jesus Juke"...and"Running into famous Christians (aka the Michael W. Smith incident"

I like Jon because he is weird, hilarious, writes like hes talking to you, and makes me feel less of a crazyyy-lady by the way he expresses his thoughts through creative writing and it's genius!

anyway. have at it.

Random photo of the day. (I cannot post without a photo..its just not complete) 
sissy and I @waikiki two summers ago? For other sissy's bachelorette weekend.

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