DAY 2. Amsterdam

... aka the city with ONE MILLION bikes.
turns out they weren't kidding. 

notice the lady gaga + obama. that's right outside madame tussaudes famous wax museum.
 people get fancy with their bike get-ups. no joke!
 cutest biker child.
 oh you know, just taking the kids to school. no big. 
 like, really? 
 okay now THIS is skill. texting while "biking" hahahaaa
 my favorite biker of the day. 
 second favorite biker of the day.
 talk about excellent bike posture. 
 people it's brooke fraser! haha jk. but doesnt it look like her?
 can you believe it?
 the Vincent Van Gogh bike

and to end with one of my favorite photos ever taken (thus far)
i'm not sure why I like it. The way he's sitting? the light? the people in the background?
all I know is that right after I took this shot I knew it'd be one of my all time favs


  1. What, no pictures of the other thing that Amsterdam is famous for? No, not their beer.....

  2. I like the lighting in the center on that last photo..that little circle..anyway..did these bikers see you snapping photos of them?? Hahaha

  3. grandpa, this is only part 1 of amsterdam. dont worry the pictures of us are coming soon!

  4. hey i was with you and i don't remember seeing you take all those pics. you have some crazy stalker talent, girl. very cool. ~auntie p

  5. i love their bikes! i want one. theyre so cute and unique. why don't they make those here in the states?