DAY 1: waffle heaven.

landed in Brussels, Belgium in the morning, dropped our stuff off, and went DIRECTLY TO WAFFLE HEAVEN. now let me just say that Belgian waffles are way wayyyyy better than you could imagine. I know, you're thinking but amie how could something possibly be so delicious? and my answer is I DONT KNOW BUT THEY ARE AMAZING AND I COULD EAT THEM EVERY DAY. 
true story. no syrup needed. just straight up waffle heaven. 
okay I better stop, I could go on for days. 

anywayyy....here are a few pics from our first day in Bruxelles (how the French say it)
Auntie Pat is a jetlag master and made sure we stayed up all day to get on a normal sleeping patter asap. So we took the bikes out for a 5min ride to the park right by the Bankson's house. 
p.s, if you couldnt tell Belgium is such a green place. Victoria and I we're joking that it looks like one massive golf course from the plane. Anyway, the park was amazing...very "Narnia-ish" and nothing like we have here in the states. 

another side note: these were all taken on my powershot (aka small camera) because i was too tired to cary Joel (he is heavy) around the first day.  Enjoy! you will soon be bombarded with the other 1000 pictures i have ! woohooo! 
 see! golf course im telling you.
 this vending machine confused me. till I learned about Pee-boy. (more on that later)
 at the park. is this real life?
 weary travelers. 
 now THIS is european style. 
 the lovely schedule Emi made mapping out our week. 
so much more to come!!!


  1. I can just picture you looking at that vending machine and saying, "Say, WHAT??" Very nice beginning of your Europe trip documentation.

  2. Gpa loves pee boy...has his very own in his room! And Auntie Patt spells her name with two "t's" for future reference. I guess when you're in a beautiful place like Belgium, it doesn't matter what kind of camera you use!

  3. I can't WAIT to hear more about your adventure! LOVE IT!

  4. a LEGIT schedy. I really was impressed by that one good job Emi! also the use of the term Narnia-ish! excellent

  5. That schedule is AWEEEESSSSSOOMMME!

  6. uh huh. been living in narnia for the past 2.5 years.

    ~auntie patt

  7. Love your schedule. Never got to spend too much time in Brussels, but miss London. Have fun!