bridal shower #2, preview. (that rhymed)

So...this weekend was a success!! 

Somehow we happened to pull off a sweet bridal shower for our bride-to-be Caterinaaaaa!!
the 6 bridesmaids, with A LOT of help from Cat's mom, and a few other helpful hands decorated her backyard with a bunch of flowers, tissue paper fluffs, string hanging things, clothes pins, skittles...etc etc.

we had a blast planning this shower, and ever more fun celebrating with Cat's family and friends.
We just got back to school a few hours ago and we're all moseying around...trying to not think about all the schoolwork we have ahead of us.... and wishing we were back in SB. 

so for now here are a few photos...definitely more to come!!

where are their bodies?? haha jk. cat and trevor..weee!!

Cat...ready to see your bridal shower?!?

aren't we a lovely bunch? 
the bridesmaids. top: Christina (cats sis), Abbie, Morgann and Apryl
bottom row: yours truly, the bride, and Linda being strangled by the bride! 


  1. Is that the dress from me?!?!

  2. I know, it was weird wearing a dress. but YUPP! rylie that one worked out perfecto. It was so comfy!!