Yesterday one of my clients at work asked me, "So....what is...Easter?"

I was a little stunned by the questions thinking quickly in my mind, you know...scary Easter bunny in a mascot suit, pastel colors, hard boiled eggs, and cadbury chocolates... and I soon realized that I was trying too hard to formulate a well spoken "teacher" answer instead of just telling her the truth...Easter is about Jesus.

While this may have complicated things more...I knew God had given me an opportunity to bring things full circle; to connect things back to Christmas, the nativity scene, the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus...and ultimately His miraculous incarnation which sits at the very foundation of who I am as a believer in Christ.

To paint a better picture of this than I ever could...here's an excerpt from one of the gnarliest books I read in college...On The Incarnation, by Saint Athanasius. 

"...As when a great king has entered some large city and made his dwelling in one of the houses in it, such a city is certainly made worthy of high honor, and no longer does any enemy or bandit descend upon it, but it is rather reckoned worthy of all care because of the king's having taken residence in one of its houses; so also does it happen with the King of all. Coming himself into our realm, and dwelling in a body like the others, every design of the enemy against human beings has henceforth ceased and the corruption of death, which had prevailed formerly against them, perished. For the race of human beings would have been utterly dissolved had not the Master and Savior of all, the Son of God, come for the completion of death."


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