Stac and I took the kids out on a field trip to Yogurtland the other day and i'm now realizing how much harder it is to watch 3 walking babies. Noodle and Cam have found their legs and are now starting to run around everywhere haha. Hunty was motivated by the froyo and was a good listener, even helping watch the little ones. There really is never a dull moment with these 3! 

 One of mom and dad's favorite restaurants in Nicks...and now that there is one in Manhattan beach we decided to go try their breakfast. Yummmmm. Their waffles were so so amazing and that potato brick I got was pretty flavorful. It's a fancy place for breakfast - but seriously worth it for that waffle!

It's hard to believe that it's already the middle of  March. In a few months Hunty will turn 4 (GASP!), Stac will have her baby, two of my roomies will get married, and we will be fully engulfed in summer. Time is seriously flyinnnnnn! 


  1. Who is getting married now? Are you in MORE weddings?!

    1. haha I know, hard to believe there's still more weddings but theyre for two of my college roommates, Becky and Liana! I'll be a bridesmaid in Liana's wedding this July!

  2. sigh it's doing that thing again...i'm probably posting twice. -.-