This halloween was extra fun because of the 3 kiddos in the fam. Lenya was a cupcake, Hunty was a Dinosaur, and Camden was a Monkey (didnt get many shots of him because he was sleeping during the visit to g&g's)

"hows my hat look?"
Hunters "RAWR" face

After G&G's house we walked back to church for the Harvest Festival. It was so fun seeing all the kids in their adorable costumes and playing some games like "Flush sin away" and "pin the tail on Noah's ark" haha. To our surprise Hunter's favorite activity was the dark maze (usually he is terrified of this kind of stuff) but he kept wanting to go through the maze AGAIN and AGAIN! After about 5 times he finally let up and we were able to make an escape out of there haha. Then Stac, Ant, Lenya and I headed to CCSB to check out the massive harvest festivities they host in the parking lot. Im not a big fan of halloween, mostly because the costumes are scary and people get weird -lol - but having nieces and nephews really make it a fun day and it truly is a huge outreach event for all the local churches - praise God!

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  1. AWWW...loved seeing the litttles dressed up. (Mine don't want to dress up anymore...) Lenya was the cutest cupcake. Had to to laugh at Darrin's coin costume, too. I still remember being a part of the very FIRST GVBC Harvest Festival with Jim Cumbie. Memories! Glad you had a fun time!