SD staycation

 I had a weekend in SD with the best crew. Russ had a work conference in SD so Jen and I took the boys down to meet him there. Lucky for me, four of my favorite people call this place home so meeting up with them for dinner&dessert was easy peasy and a dream come true.

I also had some quality bonding time with my dear nephew of mine, Hunty. He's been going through a crazy phase where he screams like a dinosaur every time I say hello to him and pouts (very dramatically) if I ever tell him stop doing something. Thanks to a fun hotel room and ample adventures around town, i'm proud to say that Hunty and I have redeemed our relationship and are now friends. HAHA.

 sd homies. Lucky to have all these chicks in one place. 
 the cutest brothers. 
 We visited the nature center in Chula Vista and Hunty loved the sharks, turtles, birds, etc and he also couldn't stop talking about the tram we took to get there (just a regular bus) haha.
SD is blessed with so many amazing places to eat. seriously. We got icecream at every
opportunity...this one being mint chocolate chip from daily scoop! yummmm.
 Cam bam is so cute. 
 we took this exact photo with the exact hotel picture in it last year!
 ate breakfast at Snooze. This place is crazy and the wait was 1hour on a Sunday morning (which is always weird to me bc i'm thinking these people should be in church! myself included) We ordered 3 things and shared and I would get the breakfast pot pie again in a heartbeat!

Until next time SD!

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