Kenichiro, Kanako, Momoko, Jiyoung, Katsu, Yuma, Miu, and Koji! 

This thanksgiving was definitely something special.

here's why:

I've been tutoring Japanese clients for about 5 months now and from the first day I stepped into the office God's spirit has been very evident. During my first few weeks tutoring the Lord had spoken to me saying "invite them to Thanksgiving." The idea sounded fun, because my clients are genuinely awesome people, but a few doubts started to creep in my mind...Wait whaaaat Lord? Who? Really? Isn't that weird though - my clients at my house. What if they don't even want to come? My big family might be too much for them. How would I even ask them? lalala...

I knew God was asking for my obedience in this small act of invitation. I realized that as humans, our minds stay hooked on temporary things and we easily run to the nearest excuse of why something is too risky, or uncomfortable, too full of rejection, or too overwhelming - but God is simply asking us to obey His commands and He will do the rest. This was that moment for me.

And Praise the Lord because we had 5 adults and 3 kids join us for dinner and it was quite possibly my favorite thanksgiving ever!! They were all able to experience a somewhat traditional American Thanksgiving feast and be a part of the crazy-hospitable-group-of-people-I-call-my-family. wow.

I just wanted to share this little blessing from today and will be sharing more pics later. But all glory to the Lord for the way He orchestrates situations to occur that are more magnificent than we could ever dream up. Small acts of obedience and faithfulness truly echo into eternity!

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