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Lenya noodle and I were wearing matching shoes the other day. It is so fun to be her auntie. She is so tiny and petite, but also so active and chatty in her baby talk. I feel like she's the perfect mix of stac &ant and it's going to be fun watching her grow up because can you imagine all the cute clothes I get to spoil her with!?? 
Took G&G to the eye doctor recently and when we were finished Grandpa spotted a bowl of candy at the front desk. He picked up a sucker and handed one to me then took one for himself. Lesson learned: you're never too old for candy. 
My incredible boss/friend Yuko had her birthday this past week so we celebrated in between lessons with cookies, edible arrangements fruit, purple wigs, and birthday crowns. Yuko is a blessing to so many people and I have learned so much from watching her run this business and treat every client with such compassion, consideration and love! 

ALSO : Recently i've been blessed by these songs. WHOAAAA. Please listen if you have the time.

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