the best little family vacation - Palm Springs

 Our family headed back to Palm Springs for another awesome weekend in this HOT HOT town.
 breakfast Burrito time!
 Last year we just had Hunter, this year we had Cam and Lenya with us!
 The play doh man 
 I love these honeycomb floors
the prettiest piece of furniture I ever did see 
 Checked out the kids museum! Pretty fun for kids...and adults too lol 
 Dad having fun with the fan machine 
 Minyah loved painting this car..I think he's gunna be an artist or musician!
 the sickest door!
 and as usual, I had to set up my hammock!
 catching up on some playoff games.
 Sunday morning worship with the fam. Blessed to have two talented bros to lead us!

Also brought my goPRO along for endless hours of fun. I say we got some pretty good shots


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