A short little video I made documenting my 3 months in Uganda!

A couple other random things

- I Read The Fault In Our Stars last night in one sitting. Yes. One sitting. Granted, its not the longest book and 75% of it's audience is probably 14 year old girl but still... it hooked me and I just had to find out what actually happens to Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters. I laughed. I cried. I felt their pain. Their love. *mind you when I read books I get really into them
-As a result of this epic teen love story...three of my favorite humans and I decided we would start a long distance book club come July. If I've taken any hint from Hazel and Gus its that reading books with people and then talking about them is probably the best thing you can do for any relationship. So we're making it happen. and I'm stoked.
- Ok enough about #TFIOS...in other news i'm learning a lot about motherhood and nanny life via my nephews and niece who are over every day. Key things to note: playing ocean waves relaxation music will put the baby to sleep as well as the adult holding the baby. Check the diaper before you change it because 90% of the time it was just an extremely stinky fart. And If you feed your baby bananas and then see tiny black lines in their poo that you think are deadly worms - have no fear! - they are from the banana. Like when you make banana bread and you see those black lines. 
-and to end with a list of books i'm currently juggling to finish reading : East of Eden (Steinbeck), Works of Love (Kierkegaard), and Half the Sky (Kristof & WuDunn). 

"If it's half as good as the half we've known, here hail! to the rest of the road." -a sever mercy. 

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