Welcome to KKUganda!

*sorry for the delay in posts. The power goes out often here so we havent had internet access in a few days. 

Gulu is a really incredible place to live and work. The people here are some of the most vivacious, fun loving, joyful people you will ever meet. They have lived through so much violence, war, crime and yet their spirits are so hopeful. It is a blessing being able to witness the joy these people have found in opportunities of empowerment. 

Every week here at Krochet Kids Uganda the 140 women are assigned a certain amount of products to make. They are split into seven groups, each with a group leader who has been working with kku for a few years and is responsible for the first step of quality control. Once the group leaders check the products, they are then brought to the production interns who check them once more. This process ensures that the best quality products are being sent and sold in the states. 

Along with finishing their assigned amount of products each week, the women also participate in various activities to help their overall health, education, and progress. They participate in business training sessions, daily devotionals and worship, one on one mentoring, financial planning, english lessons, and even soccer practices (they have an upcoming match against the women from 31 BITS)

These women work so hard to produce the best products possible and it is very evident that they take great pride in their work and their ability to provide for their families.

And to end with a little personal update: i've been loving roaming around taking photos of all the happenings at Krochet Kids Uganda. Before I came out here my understanding of what KKi did was fairly limited. I knew they gave jobs to women, but I didnt know all that they really encompassed. A goal I have while being here is to shed light on some of those stories. The stories of life change, progress, successful international development,  mentorship and training, sustainability, and empowerment.

"Trust in the Lord, do good, dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness." - Psalm 37:3

God is Good! Amen!


  1. Love this Amie!!! Have you heard them sing Wipolo yet? It's one of my favorites and it's from the Acholi people....

  2. Oh, my, aren't the Ugandan people (esp. the children) beautiful?!!!