the tiny moments

I've always been the type of person that remembers the weirdest stuff about events or trips. Like the taste of the Peanut Butter Cliff Bar I ate on walk about, or that one kid from summer camp who kept acting like a spider in the pool, or that time in paris when we were walking behind a guy with a baguette sticking out of his backpack, or how my theology professor in college would always wear vans.

It seems to be that those moments are some of my favorite. They are weird, random, and seemingly insignificant, but they are so fun to look back on. I realize that once i'm home i'll probably get asked a lot of BIG questions. "What did you learn?" "How were the people?" "What was the culture like." I'm sure i'll come up with some fairly decent answers to those big questions - but I dont want those big moments to drown out all the awesome tiny ones.

so welcome to my list of tiny moments from Gulu (thus far)...

-The other day our day guard Samuel was wearing a Patagonia button up shirt. "Samuel, you know your shirt is very popular in American." "Oh wow! I did not know. That is so good!"
-Mentor Christine has a son named Faith and is convinced that her son and I should be married. "Faith plus Faith will produce Grace!" hahahaha. And she now refers to herself as my mother in law.
-Played basketball today with the guys from work. Got taken to the wrong court by my boda driver. Befriended a nice Ugandan man who knew the guys from work and told me where to go. I was glad to find them because playing bball with them has been one of the best moment here so far!
-the tropical "pick-n-peel" juice here is the best thing ever.
-Eric, one of our boda drivers, is training to become a world class MMA fighter. Dude is legit and trying to get to the world champs this year.
-The group of ladies at work who sit by hut one are hilarious. Every morning I walk over to them (Josephine, Jennifer, Diana, and Florence) and say "whatsup dawwwwg" they always bust out laughing and reply "whatsup gwoc!" (dog in luo)
-There is a tiny human at work who I have been calling Joshua for the past month. The other day I found out his name is Dominic.
-We have hideous purple couches in our living room. Not only are they hideous, they are also huge. Not only are they huge, they are also infected with bugs so it is a death trap sitting on them.
-There is one indian grocery store in town that SELLS OREOS. The cashier, "oh wow you Americans like these crackers."
-two young girls knocked at our gate the other day. They introduced themselves then handed me 5 pieces of paper. With drawing on each. The best one was two Americans talking, "hi my name is susan. Can we be friends?"

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  1. Literally laughed out loud at bugs death trap and Oreo crackers. Yes!! Love hearing the small deets